Christmas in Lanark County – Merrickville

I’ve been blessed to spend a white Christmas here in Lanark County, Ontario (just west of Ottawa). My apologies on the lack of posts lately, life has been a bit hectic but my… Continue reading

Every Day

Every day I fight a war..

Fun with Reflectors Part 2

 Yeh.. the black and white shoes were cool, but I wanted to see how I could affect color with it too! (okay, really I just wanted to keep playing!!)  

Fun with Reflectors

As a photography student, I get to play with some really cool stuff. The downside to that? It costs a fortune that as a student, I just can’t afford.  That’s why I was… Continue reading

Pear in a Pond

Tomato, Tomahto..

Write text here… Related articles You Say Tomato, I Say TomAHto: When ‘Right’ Speech is Subjective ( A tomato is a tomato (

Reflected Light in Saint John, New Brunswick

This is the stunning view from my grandmothers window in beautiful uptown Saint John.  I woke up Saturday morning and the snow clouds were pouring in, but there was a very defined line… Continue reading

An experiment with Studio Lighting

As I delve deeper into my photographic studies, I get to learn new techniques and best of all.. play with NEW TOYS! This week was all about studio lighting. Well actually it was… Continue reading

Autumn in Halifax – A Journey of Colors

My first slideshow of images done as a school assignment. Enjoy!


If you’re in North America right now, no doubt your doorbell is probably starting to ring and little ghosts and goblins (and a few cute princesses too!) are uttering that familiar refrain of… Continue reading

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