Car camping 101: How to transform your car into a mini RV

Car Camping. You know – I’ve always had this thought of doing this, and it’s one of the (many) reasons I think I would enjoy owning a Dodge Grand Caravan (much, MORE more room than the Fit in this article!). Think of the amazing photo opportunities you could get with this – by not needing a tent or other big camping gears, you can carry twice as much photography gear! Okay, now on to daydream about owning a grand caravan!

The adventures of Laura and Jerome the Gnome

The K-Feather in all his glory at the KOA in Halifax! The K-Feather in all his glory at the KOA in Halifax!

I always trick myself into thinking I enjoy camping. If you were to ask me before a camping trip, while I’m sitting in my house, I would tell you there’s nothing better than being in the great outdoors and sleeping in a tent, surrounded by silence. And while this is nice, it’s all the little things that I forget about until I’m actually camping, like the sound of animals in the forest while I’m trying to drift off to sleep. Or the mosquitos buzzing in my ear. I once planned a cross-Canada road trip thinking I would sleep in a tent for 20 nights out of the 30. In reality, we camped twice. So when the idea of a nine-day road trip out east came up with my boyfriend, Derrick, I knew tenting probably wouldn’t be the best idea…

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