Fun with Reflectors

As a photography student, I get to play with some really cool stuff. The downside to that? It costs a fortune that as a student, I just can’t afford.  That’s why I was super stoked tonight to get my hands on a set of reflective holiday placemats that work just as well as the reflectors we have been using in class the past weeks.

Why would we use a reflector, you ask? Well, because it allows us to open up shadowed areas without totally overlighting the subject.  I have a few examples for you here:

The below photo is as shot, out of camera..

Out of Camera

This one is reflected with a gold reflector to the left of camerareflector work-011 This one is reflected with a silver reflector to the upper leftreflector work-012 This one has a red reflector upper leftreflector work-013 Reflected from above camerareflector work-014 Reflected from below camerareflector work-015 This one is just for funsies once I actually took down the “set” I built – shot as the average person would shoot itreflector work-016